Reflexology is an extremely effective form of massage. The basis of which relates to “reflex points” on the sole of the foot. These “points” coincide with each organ and system in the body and are linked to those organs by “energy channels”, “zones” or “meridians”. When illness, or imbalance, occurs the corresponding “energy channels” become blocked. Reflexology Massage aims to remove these blocks, thus allowing the energy to flow freely again.

Duration : 2 Days 10.00am – 4.00pm

Entry Requirement : This course is for total beginners

Course Content:

  • Hygiene, Health & Safety
  • Related Anatomy & Physiology- Workbook to be completed
  • Equipment & Products
  • Preparation of treatment area, Products and Client
  • Contra-indications & Contra-actions
  • Client Consultation
  • Benefits of Massage
  • Massage Mediums
  • Classifications of Massage
  • Massage Sequence
  • Aftercare Advice

Tuition Fee: £395.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%

Dress code is beauty therapy Tunic of any type, black trousers
and hair tied back. If no tunic is possible then a plain black top and
trousers are to be worn to classes.

Deposits are non transferable and non refundable and deposit is to be paid
at the time of booking the course.